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Partners Advancing with KAIZEN
Learn and apply your Best Behaviors for professional & personal development.
“KAIZEN” translates to “change for the better” and is a proven practice tor achieving excellence through a continuous series of improvements.
Join the PAK for CE with group support and become a veterinary leader who is making CHANGE for the BETTER.
Group development provides: Collaboration, Support, Structure, Perspective, Networking.
CE TOPICS INCLUDE: Resilience, Trust, Empathy, EI&D, Emotional Intelligence, Well-Being, Time & Change Mgmt, Motivation, Reading & Influencing Human Behavior, Creativity & Innovation and more!
Industry and subject matter expertise will use behavioral sciences to help you build everyday mindsets & skillsets that are designed for veterinary leaders to learn and apply same day!

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Monthly peer development provides collaborations, support, structure, perspective and networking.
Mental Resilience
On average, our mind self-talks between 300 to 1,000 words a minute. We can allow these words to spirole in whatever direction they choose, or we can take control, become narrators of our own story, and increase our resilient leadership with mental planning and execution.
EI&D: Confirmation Bias
Unconscious Bias is one form of an EI&D topic where leaders can make meaningful improvements. The best part is that Unconscious Biases are easily addressed and improved upon with a single step… increasing your self-awareness. There are 5 primary forms of Unconscious Bias… Confirmation Bias will help us address our unintentional assumptions that influence our communication.
Empathy 1.0
Research shows that leaders who communicate with empathy are better capable of creating trust, retaining talent, and increasing their team’s collaboration and productivity. The PAK’s first discussion about Trust will summeraize the science behind empathy statements, and how we can use these statements to deescalate emotions.
Trust Conversation
The PAK will provide you with a tool that is effective with building, rebuilding, and/or repairing trust. Be prepared for an evential dive into your emotional core that can strengthen your prfessinoal and personal relationships.
Reading & Influencing Human Behavior: Facial Expressions
7 neurologic expressions exist for us all. These are not learned behaviors… they are wired into our DNA. Understanding how to recognize and decode them will help to understand true intentions. As leaders, our ability to understand intentions connects to our ability to create relatedness and positive influence.
Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness & Defensiveness
Perhaps the easiest of the 5 components of EQ to learn and grow is Self-Awareness. The PAK will address this component by connecting to a hard wired behavior we all experience: defensiveness. With an increase of Self-Awareness, we’ll also have an opportunity to increase our Self-Regulation… sometimes the most challenging of the 5 EQ components to learn and grow.
It was once believed that our Vagus nerve remained fixed in it’s development beyond a certain age. We now know that we can continue to stimulate our Vagus nerve through micro-moments of positive interaction that lead to significant physiological health improvemts while also deepening our relationships. We will get and give mini tune-ups for our own hearts and the hearts of the people we support.
SCARF: Relatedness
The neurosciecne of human social needs is summarized in the SCARF Model. This PAK session will focus on the ‘R’ in SCARF: Relatedness. All humans have a hard wired need for a sense of relatedness, therefore we’re going to become more intentional with how we connect with and relate to the people we support.
Successful Change Management
Change management is not only a common topic, it’s a topic with a seemingly endless amount of data and research for leaders and organizations to follow. Our first take on the topic will provide members of the PAK with a proven resource that can be used as a tool for all stages of change: planning, executing, & evaluating.
Intrinsic Motivation
Leadership determines the environment, the environment creates the culture, and the culture drives the long-term results. The PAK members will receive a resource that helps leadership to be more intentional with determining the environment in ways that can increase levels of intrinsic motivation for their team. Note that the process will include a “look in the mirror” because as leaders, our behaviors alone can equate to a 70% variance in employee engagement scores.

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