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His breadth of knowledge in the field of leadership and collaboration is extraordinary which puts him in position to bring the right tool or model to each situation.
What I appreciate most is Rob’s innate ability to identify the root problem and provide the appropriate solution. We would not be where we are today without his help.
Rob Best influences you to become a better leader and provides tools that bring about long-lasting change and, in turn, success with your teams.
I am constantly inspired by
how genuine Rob is, his care
and passion for the development of others is obvious.
He is skilled at breaking down barriers no matter the title and facilitating the development of trust. With this trust he was able to teach leadership development, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness.
He taught me to be intentional with my problem solving, to look at challenges and create solutions with integrity and in a manner that would help not only myself but those on my team as well.
The mix of Rob’s attention to every detail and his grounded presence in front of the room is unusual in my experience. It was easy to see why he is in such high demand across the veterinary industry.

I have sought out Rob Best to work with my teams at a few specialty and emergency practices and outside leadership projects for several years because of his talent for inspiring meaningful change in people and organizations.

He makes leadership development fun and brings a level of self-awareness that takes many down a path they have not previously explored. All of this led to higher engagement and collaboration which directly correlates to a better company culture.

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